Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Dark, Dark Ponzi Palace

The apartment building at 433 E. 74th St in NYC is home to Bernie Madoff's son, Andrew, and also the residence to Ponzi scam artist to the stars,  Kenneth Starr (Starr was arrested last week and charged with bilking $30 million from such investors as Uma Thurman, Wesley Snipes and Sylvester Stallone.)

One commenter at streeteasy wrote about an apartment in the building:

Hate natural sun light? Sleep in a coffin all day? Going to the Transylvania High School reunion?

This is a beautiful place...just dark...dark dark dark. This apartment is good for the upwardly mobil couple with a mixed marriage. She's a cooperate lawyer he's a fish. They met on vacation scuba diving. The pool is good because they have yet to decided how to raise the kids. If you buy the place can I come over for a swim? Tell you husband it will be cool...I'm a Vegan...no worries...  

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