Tuesday, June 15, 2010

CONFIRMED: Destruction of 9-11 Options Trading Documents

Explosive new information has broken with regard to destruction of pre-9-11 options trading records.

Just prior to 9-11, someone (or group of people) bought large amounts of put options on various airline stocks. Put options gain in value when a stock goes down. The airline stocks went down after 9-11.

According to CBS (ViaZeroHedge)

At least one Wall Street firm reported their suspicions about this activity to the SEC shortly after the attack.
I have been reporting for sometime (See my July 2006 mention) on the destruction of pre-9-11 options documents by the CBOE. Now, it appears the SEC also destroyed similar documents.

David Callahan - executive editor of SmartCEO - submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to the SEC regarding the pre-9/11 put options.

Here's how the SEC replied:
This letter is in response to your request seeking access to and copies of the documentary evidence referred to in footnote 130 of Chapter 5 of the September 11 (9/11) Commission Report...We have been advised that the potentially responsive records have been destroyed.
My source is an employee at the CBOE, who told me that, just days after the 9-11 attack , government officials (or at least individuals purporting to be from the government) met with the president of the CBOE and told him to stop the investigation into who purchased the options. The records were destroyed, according to my source.

Now, we have confirming evidence from the SEC, itself, of destruction of these type documents that they may have had in their possession. It is extremely heavy circumstantial evidence that the persons who bought these put options new in advance of the 9-11 attack.

If ever a Congressional inquiry was required, this certainly appears to be a case.

The then CBOE chairman and CEO William Brodsky, the then Vice-Chairman Mark Duffy and the then President and COO Edward Joyce need to be hauled before Congress and asked if an investigation of the put option trading was conducted. If not, why not? (It would appear to be fairly standard to conduct such an investigation given the unusual trading volume in the options) And, if an investigation was conducted, where are the results?


  1. You are dangerously close to becoming a nutjob conspiracy theorist. If you ever appear on Glenn Beck's show, you're toast.

  2. Murphy, better to not ask too many questions, huh?

  3. Yes, this is most certainly a smoking gun. If the options activity were innocuous the records would not have been destroyed.

  4. I see a couple of options:

    1. Someone in the government or with US government connections knew in advance about 9-11.

    2. The government wanted to cover up who *did* know about 9-11 because they didn't want to do anything about it and if that were public knowledge, something would have had to happen.

    I just don't believe #1.

    I think #2 is extremely likely and it probably would entangle the Saudis and maybe even the Russians or Pakistanis - people the US government wants to call allies.

  5. Ahh yes... the Pakistanis are just so financially savvy that way.

    Nice attempt to smear some foreign bogeyman. Moron.

    More likely explanation...it would incriminate some "too big too fail" banksters who are major donors to congressional campaigns.

  6. This smells like Goldman Sachs.

    That's why the SEC buried it. If it were the Saudi's you can bet your azz it would have been front and center at the NYT

  7. So wait, Bin Laden didn't buy all those puts with his E-Trade account from his Afghan cave?

    Ella, the Saudis and Pakistanis are already "entangled"; the former providing hijackers and the latter providing funds. It seems only reasonable that Saudi Intelligence and ISI had some inkling of what was going to happen. Of course I can think of a few other intelligence agencies that may have known too, but it doesn't really matter because the government's conspiracy theory has already been cemented into the collective psyche.

    I find it hard to believe that we can basically bankrupt this country, destroy the middle east, and undermine centuries of individual liberty to fight terrorism but we can't trace suspicious transactions back to the principals. There's only one "ally" I can think of that has enough clout in D.C. to make something as big as this disappear. Otherwise they're covering up for themselves.

  8. 911 Was not an "Inside Job" and it was not carried out by 19 Arab terrorist because 6 are still alive.And Nano-Thermite has been found in the dust in NY .And who ordered the Fighters to "stand down" on 911 after they had intercepted over 60 flights in the previous 18 months ? All within 30 minutes .

  9. It is shameful and embarrassing that the American people haven't sorted this out yet.

    Grow a spine and be honest with yourselves and look at what really happened.

    Firstly you need to get the liars up in court or in front of a tribunal and polygraph them. This is treason we're talking about.
    There are plenty of example of people who have lied throughout all of this. Question them hard and convict them of perjury where you can.

    Then follow the money trail. Follow up the work of Indira Singh.

    But for god's sake do something to win your country back from these maniacs who have stolen your army from you and are using it for their own profit.

  10. Murphy, Murphy, Murphy, don't you know that Glenn Beck is paid big bucks to keep mindless morons like you happily asleep in your gullible cocoons?

  11. This is old, old news already and even glenn back would admit it.

  12. As the compliance officer for an options trading firm in 2001, I was in charge of our firms 911 investigation into any clients that bought or sold ANY call or put options on the airline stocks withing 90 days of 911.

    I was required to send all my data to the SEC showing which of our clients traded in the airline options during that period.

    The data was requested and collect by the SEC.

  13. This was all covered at the time. It pointed to Krongard of the CIA and Deutchebank. There was $2.5 million uncollected because trading shut down for 4 days making it impossible to get the money and run.

  14. Yes, it was "covered at the time", but the apparently wanton destruction of documents that relate to it points to conspiracy at the highest levels.

    All of the circumstantial evidence, taken as a whole, paints a very different picture when compared to the fantasy propagated by the government "investigators" leading the inquiry.

    I'm not inclined to believe that the government of my country is so corrupt as to allow this kind of treasonous malfeasance to go unpunished, yet the evidence always points to mendacity and malevolence on its part. Once the evidence reaches critical mass, Occam's razor demands that such a damning conclusion be considered.

  15. Dale Honey bunch! recall at the boston airport where the hi-jacked planes took off--the tower manager took all the video tapes and smashed them and scattered them throughout the airport waste bins. Did he get arrested? Was he summoned to 911 commision? Did he lose his job? Did he get arrested? No No No no No ...
    Israel Firsters (ashkenazie) jews pulled 011 off
    If there is folks who doubt it by now--they are stupdos :^/

  16. You are dangerously close to becoming a nutjob conspiracy theorist. If you ever appear on Glenn Beck's show, you're toast.


    To bad Bob Murphy is a clueless shill who can not think for himself. Must be one big Buffy and Biff sitcom show in his household. Going through life a DOPE seem to be the American way for 90% of our population. And Bob is a card carrying member.

  17. I commend your courage, as I personally witnessed firsthand the corruption that goes on in the global markets through the destruction of information to protect company interest...

  18. Please, Let The Show Begin. This Country Needs To See The TRUTH........Put Them In JAIL. ASAP

  19. Fact that US knew bin ladin planned attack and that it would employ an aircraft. The neo-cons were on the record in wishing for a Pearl Harbor like attack that could be used to justify attacking Afghanistan, then Iraq,the main objective. And just as in Pearl Harbor,the magnitude and audacity of the expected attack as well as the brilliant execution was not anticipated. Remember, the 4th plane would have attacked the capital if not brought down by the passengers. Anyone who doubts an attack by an aircraft would have been acceptable in order to justify war should Google *Operation Northwoods", the pentagon's plan to do the same in 1963 in order to justify invading Cuba the year after we had promised not to attack Cuba. JFK was horrfified at the plan and killed it. The unclassified documents can be viewed at the "National Security Archive" web site. Not hard to imagine that an attack by a single hi-jacked aircraft was expected and deemed a welcome and acceptible price to pay for an excuse to go to war. The only surprise on 9-11 was the shocking magnitude of the attack. Who could have believed such an operaton was possible?

  20. It's funny watching all the anons flip out at Bob Murphy for his obviously sarcastic comment.

    You people need to read this blog more before you open your hate-filled mouths... Murphy and Wenzel have a long-standing, mutual agreement to continually elbow one another in the ribs for comedic effect.

  21. Wow - glad I stopped by Bob.
    Good job.

  22. Attn Bob Murphy: Tell me again what brought down bldg 7. Two planes, three bldgs. I just can't figure it out. Or the BBC video clip stating bldg 7 had collapsed...with it sill standing in the background for another 20min. Nothing to see here folks. Drink the koolaid...move along.

  23. I would like to add a couple things to this conversation.

    See Allen Poteshman's paper, "Unusual Option Market Activity and the Terrorist Attacks of 9/11/2001" at: http://www.business.uiuc.edu/poteshma/WorkingPapers/UnusualOptionActivityAndTerroristAttacks10March2004.pdf

    Also check the 9/11 timeline...

    The complete timeline is here: http://www.historycommons.org/timeline.jsp?timeline=complete_911_timeline&before_9/11=insidertrading

    but make sure to check out these specific entries...

    Early September 2001: Almost Irrefutable Proof of Insider Trading in Germany

    June-August 2001: Major Increase in US Currency in Circulation Possibly Indicates Foreknowledge of 9/11 Attacks

    And, if you've been living in a cave for the last decade (maybe to guard Osama's decaying body), watch Blueprint for Truth: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b74naeawdCs&feature=PlayList&p=621A4B03C1169C78&index=0&playnext=1

  24. To all the people that think that terrorists were involved in 911. Ask yourself why did WTC building 7 fall at the speed of gravity 8 hours after the event and it was not even hit.It was blown up the logistics of blowing up that building would have taken more than 8 hours planning

  25. The FBI uses polygraphs to eliminate suspects.

    Google "Quadri-Track ZCT"

  26. Ignorance is bliss, my loves. We are sealed, fated and doomed.

  27. You guys are making statistics and patterns on how THESE people were involved and THESE people covered this up... What you all need to realize is that even if it's all a "cover up" or "inside job" then there is absolutly NOTHING anyone can do about it. So why does it even matter? If you claim the government is powerful enough and tries so friggen hard to cover the whole thing up what makes you think they will allow you to expose them so easily? Just give up guys. I liked it better when you were all conspirating that the president was an alien or something like that... It was more funny to listen to.

    You guys have WAAAAAAAYYY to much time on your hands. But if you want to try and pound on the toe nail of the giant that is the government, be my guest. You won't make any difference.

  28. George Bushs' brother was in charge of security at the WTC before & during September2001.The WTC was undergoing some major "elevator" work prior to this fatefull day.Different areas were shut down on various days for this work.The work was done around those precious inner columns.Kennedy assasination,Pearl Harbor,Sept.11,2001, our Government is being led around, like a bull, with a ring through its nose by a group who controls the cash. This money is needed by the defense department and other big players who benefit from WAR.These events will ALWAYS occur.

  29. On Sept 10th 2001, Donald Rumsfeld announced that 2.3 BILLION dollars was missing from Pentagon accounts. Whoops! The result; airbrushed out of history. We don't stand a friggin chance

  30. ^^ That's TRILLION, anon: