Friday, June 4, 2010

"Hurray for Deflation"

Michael McKay at the Republic Broadcasting Network emails to report that this weekend his guest on the radio show will be Doug French:
Doug French, who is a retired banker and current the President of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, will explain how DEFLATION is NOT to be feared. Rather, PLANNED INFLATION is the real nightmare.

We are bombarded with the press and the government telling us that we must avoid Deflation "at all costs". But is this true?

To most people Inflation and Deflation are topics that are shrouded in mystery. Deflation improves the purchasing power of our money.

Don't all consumers like lower prices? Deflation is a dear friend to Consumers and to Savers (especially the elderly) because these individuals can stretch their dollars further.

So who fears Deflation and why do they fear it?

Doug will provide us the answers we need and explain why Deflation is a path to greater Prosperity allows businesses that should fail - to FAIL allowing for greater economic progress to follow.

He will tell the fascinating historic story of how the 1880's were a time when Prices fell every year, yet Wages actually rose by 23%!

This show will completely change - and improve - the way you look at your money, your job, your business and the economy.

What makes Doug rare and unique is that he is a Real World businessman and educator who deeply understands the practical aspects of....

How money works...
How banking works...
How we could create a sounder banking and monetary system...

Doug French is a significant scholar in both Austrian Economics and Banking History. He obtained his Masters Degree in Economics while studying under Dr. Murray Rothbard and Dr. Hans-Hermann Hoppe, two of the most important Austrian Economic teachers of our time.

The radio show will be streamed live here over the internet on Saturday at 1pm (CST).

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  1. Doug French needs to expand his knowledge of both history and economics. Some clarification from New York University: "Benign deflation, similar to that of the late 19th century, [is] driven by technological progress and accompanied by healthy economic growth. Benign deflation is distinct from debt deflation, when prices plunge because debtors are unable to pay their debts, the financial system is damaged, and economic activity declines."

    Clearly we are facing debt deflation, not benign deflation. A year or so from now, no one--not even Mr. French--will be happy about what deflation is doing to the United States.