Monday, June 21, 2010

If Krugman were an M.D. Instead of a Ph.D.

Keith Kelly emails;
I was reading Krugman's dreadful column "Government must spend more now, and save later" (and the dreadful comments that followed), and I came across one line that made all of my efforts worth it: worth it:

"If Dr. Krugman was an MD instead of a PhD, his prescription for an obese, diabetic, artery-clogged patient would probably be a double cheeseburger, large fries and a shake."


  1. Government spending can be worthwhile when it creates useful assets or helps people improve their own productivity. We don't need cheeseburgers, but without nutrition we'll be unable to produce enough to pay off these debts.

  2. taxpayer, the government doesn't create nutrition. Nutrition exists entirely outside government definitions. The government, in fact, doesn't do anything to "create useful assets" or "improve .. productivity." Nothing. The government is an impediment to the free market, and it leeches off the produce of the private sector to fund itself.

  3. taxpayer

    Read chapter 12: