Friday, June 18, 2010

New Feature: Criminal Economists

World Bank economist Anne Bakilana is in serious trouble with the Feds.

The FBI recently began an investigation into her relationship with her servant, "S.K.," in July after receiving a tip on a possible "human trafficking situation," court documents said, according to the Washington Examiner. The FBI recorded conversations between Bakilana and S.K., and determined Bakilana was withholding S.K.'s passport.

When Bakilana was confronted by investigators in August, she lied to the FBI agents about having threatened S.K. with deportation if S.K. were to quit, Bakilana now admits.

Apparently, as an economist, Bakilana also understood that minimum wage lots only cause unemployment and thus took it upon herself to do her part in rectifying the situation, since she paid S.K. below minimum wages. Bakilina living in Falls Church has agreed to pay $41,000 in restitution to her maid  for the "prevailing wage shortfall" that occurred for more than eight months.

Bakilana faces up to six months behind bars when she's sentenced for making fictitious and fraudulent statement charges. The servant was granted a temporary visa in February because she is a "victim of a severe form of trafficking in persons," prosecutors wrote in court documents.


  1. More then $5000 per month? WTF? How much are maids paid in Falls Church?

  2. Feudalists/socialists never tire of indentured servitude. What's new is old, what's old is new again.