Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"Prominent Financier" Russian Spy Targeted Is ID'd

Alan Patricof, a venture capital figure and the finance chairman of Clinton's Senate campaign, as well as a top presidential campaign fundraiser, has been identified as the target of activities by alleged Russian spy "Cynthia Murphy". Patricof has confirmed to the WaPo that he was the target:
"It's just staggering," said Patricof in a telephone interview. "It's off the charts."

Patricof made clear that he and the alleged spy, known as Cynthia Murphy, "never discussed anything but paying the bills and taxes in normal phone calls or meetings." For three years, he has been a client of the Manhattan firm Morea Financial Services, the tax service that employed Murphy.

"She never once asked me about government, politics or anything remotely close to that subject," Patricof said...A shocked Patricof reiterated in the interview that, "We never discussed anything but paying the bills."

According to a federal complaint filed in New York, the alleged spy's superiors apparently saw promise in the connection to the unidentified financier. They suggested that he could supply "remarks re US foreign policy," and "roumors" about White House internal "kitchen."

"This is the most wild story ever," said Patricof.
Patricof is the founder of Apax Partners, one of the largest private equity firms. Patricof was an early investor in, among many others, Patricof was an early investor in venture capital and has been involved in the development of numerous major companies including America Online, Office Depot and Apple Computer.

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  1. I guess he keeps repeating himself because he's uncertain people would believe him if he didn't?