Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Roubini: I Never Had One on One with the Russian Spy

FT has the details:
Turns out erstwhile ├╝ber-bear — and sometime ladies’ man – Nouriel Roubini was casually acquainted with Ms Anna Chapman, one of the 10 alleged Russian spies arrested in the US. Chapman, it seems, cut a somewhat glamorous swathe through the New York social scene, and, according to Roubini, the two “may” have met socially at a couple of parties, with Chapman befriending him on Facebook.

But, Roubini says he never had a “one to one conversation or meeting with her.”

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  1. What about a 2-on-1, every man's dream and no doubt Roubini's as well? File this one simultaneously under "confirmed when denied" and "not addressed means yes".