Saturday, June 12, 2010

Taki a Hoppeite?

The economist Hans Hermann Hoppe is well known for his view that monarchy is a lesser evil than democracy.

Now in the real world we have international playboy and heir to a shipping fortune, Taki Theodoracopulos, who has known a few presidents, princes and kings, supporting the Hoppe observation. He writes:

When I was young and dumb, I flirted with republicanism, but then a very wise Greco-German proved to me that the worst King is better than the best president...

In an interview  in the German newspaper, Junge Freiheit,  Hoppe also condemned the French revolution as belonging in "the same category of vile revolutions as well as the Bolshevik revolution and the Nazi revolution," because the French revolution led to "Regicide, Egalitarianism, democracy, socialism, hatred of all religion, terror measures, mass plundering, rape and murder, military draft and the total, ideologically motivated War."

Of Rousseau, whose ideas influenced the French Revolution, Taki writes:

Monarchy encouraged refined manners, the rise of politeness, and opened up our true nature as rational, social and moral beings. Wise guys like Rousseau praised noble savages, but he was pretty much of a savage himself, starting with his own children.

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