Monday, June 28, 2010

Ten Russians Arrested in the U.S. as Spies; Relayed Report on Gold Market

Eight individuals were arrested Sunday for allegedly carrying out long-term, "deep-cover" assignments in the United States on behalf of the Russia, the Justice Department announced today. Two additional defendants were also arrested Sunday for allegedly participating in the same Russian intelligence program within the United States.

Some of the Russians adopted Irish names in their spy work, including using the names Murphy and Foley.

Information they were seeking was pretty broad based but it included at least one report about gold. Moscow relayed back to the spies that the gold report was "very valuable" and reported that it was passed on to Russia's finance minister.

Also, according to the complaint, one spy, "Cynthia Murphy," was developing a relationship with a prominent New York financier. The financier is apparently a big political money raiser and has a close friend in the Cabinet.

The most interesting question is, of course, what kind of information could the spies have turned over about gold that Moscow deemed as "very valuable"? And let the guessing game begin as to who the "prominent New York financier" is.

It should also be noted that this decade long investigation was publicly revealed just days after Obama and Russian President Medvedev shared hamburgers together.

Obama sure knows how to stick a guy in the eye, doesn't he?

Below are the two complaints. The second complaint is the juicy one.

Complaint in Chapman and Semenko Case

Complaint in Mestos Case


  1. I smell another "Russian" JEWISH SAYANIM MOSSAD mess operating under stolen or forged Irish documentation like the Dubai hit of February and so many other times before.

  2. How can you sign Nuke peace treaties when you cant trust each other ?

  3. This is minor and what any halfway smart American researcher could find out. The Israeli spying done in the years before and leading right up to 9-11 that included catching Mossad agents in vans with Shin Bet explosives experts with arab disguises, marked maps of the WTC/Wall St. areas, caught in vans with explosives, in charge of security at all airports involved in 9-11, etc., etc, was far worse. And only FOX reported on part of it and it was taken off their website after heavy pressure from Israel and it's 4000 organizations in the US.

  4. Look over HERE!
    NO! not over there....
    It's that old BY THE WAY of DECEPTION thing again.

  5. Looks as if this a false flag of sorts designed to mislead the American people about Russian spying. Information putatively alleged to have been purloined appears to be publicly available. The controlled media is running this up the flagpole so you know it is designed to mislead even if true, especially since so many other issues are much more important.
    If Israel/US intends to "do" Iran, the timing of this story to disinform the US sheeple regarding the potential for a Russian response would make some sense.
    If true, be on the lookout for another false flag a la 911 to rationalize the Iranian attack.
    Be careful with all Arab dressed individuals with middle eastern sir names changed from Polish.