Friday, June 25, 2010

WeAreChange and Infowars Reporters Prevented from Entering Canada

The G-8 and G-20 meetings are about to begin in Canada and Canadian border agents prevented WeAreChange and Infowars reporters from entering the country. Here is their story:


  1. They are getting scared, they know more people are asking up to the truth and are doing all they can to prevent the truth from being told

  2. I wonder if these 3 people are on facebook or such ?
    Did facial recognition software make these people suffer this fate ?
    It seems weird that out of the blue customs would nail them.
    I agree with anon above that they are starting to be scared.

  3. I would of sent somebody these guys didn't know. A new one time reporter may have gotten thru

  4. You were banned because US customs authorities asked Canadian customs not to allow you entry ... the United States has decided that you are now internal exiles in America.

  5. Jesus was arrested also.

    I am certain He would have been banned from Canada.

    But hey, Canada sucks.