Thursday, July 22, 2010

Christmas and Crime in San Francisco

Steve Jobs, if nothing else, is a marketing genius.

I stopped by the Apple Store in San Francisco, today. The store was packed like it was the Christmas shopping season. I mean packed. There were dozens of iPhone 4's on display, along with iPads, iPods and laptops. There were lines for a test ride for all of them. And, also, lines at the cashier desks.

It was great to see the magnificent enjoyment that every was having thanks to that great entrepreneur, Jobs.

But, of course, this being San Francisco, no visit is complete without a crime story, and so I have one. This time it happened right at the Apple story, a big burly guy tried to nab something from the store. How he did it I'm not sure, because everything seemed pretty well locked down.

Two Apple security guards grabbed him as soon as he left the store. He put up quite a fight. The security cards eventually took care of business, called the police and he ended up being arrested and sent to the hospital in an ambulance.


  1. Too bad he wasn't in Texas, they could've gunned the jackass down on the spot. Instead, he'll go to the public hospital and have his reconstructive surgery paid for by the very people he just tried to rob, as well as many others completely unrelated to the incident, thanks to tax-financed socialized medical insurance.

  2. he can then potentially file "partial disability" or something stupid reason, and live on public dime happily ever after.

    It happens all the would be surprised.