Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Deterioration in Medical Education: Don't Trust Any Doctor Under 40

I am posting here a comment made by an annonymous commenter at my Congratulations on Getting that Masters Degree, Now What Are You Going To Do? post. It points to my overall view that the quality of healthcare in the U.S will collapse as government gets more and more involved with healthcare.

As a physician educated here and abroad as well, I have seen the deterioration in the quality of medical education drastically in india (where all education is now state regulated) and the same will start to happen here after the new health care law. I noticed that doctors from just a generation ago have a completely different mind set and appreciation of medicine than grads now, and not just in terms of knowledge. Medical education has become reduced to rote memorization of a fixed number of selected readings to pass government sponsored examinations and I have seen it getting worse and worse. It has deteriorated to such an extent that, a medical school grad from india, to pass the medical board exam in US, takes on average 3.5 years of training/coaching from centers like kaplan university. I trace it all back to when government started to become heavily involved in medical training and education under the guise of universal standards and social justice.
I see what happened to india post independance as just the road map ahead of the US given the increasingly socialist course that this country is taking.

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