Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Don't Like Spinach?

You are seriously ill.

WSJ reports:
The first national public registry of picky eating, launched last week by researchers at Duke University and the University of Pittsburgh, will allow people to log in and report on their unusual eating preferences and habits. Doctors also hope the effort will spur the development of improved treatment techniques for adult picky eaters...

Doctors once thought only kids were picky eaters, and that they would grow out of it. Now, however, a taskforce studying how to categorize eating disorders for the new version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, due out in 2013, is considering recognizing for the first time a disorder to be called "selective eating" that could apply to adults as well as children.
My take is that the researchers, classifying "selective eating" a disorder, have a few serious problems of their own, like, say, attempting to micro-mange everyone's thoughts, habits, and behavior. The only treatment I would suggest with any researchers with this disorder would be a good dose, administered twice a day, of laughing gas.


  1. Uh... only if you mix it with some olive oil and feta cheese.

    Why do you ask?

  2. I love it, in salad, dip, sautéed in bacon grease.

    Cucumbers make me gag.

    Personal preference.

    Did someone mis-post?

  3. Spinach is good but Collard Greens smothered with Savoies smoked sausage in real lard is heaven! I EEEEEEE!

  4. Big Pharma whores !
    This is what it is all about.
    Another disease = another med.