Friday, July 2, 2010

Hayek on Inflation and Recession

More great Hayek discoveries from Richard Ebeling. Richard writes:
Enclosed are two pieces. One is an article that Hayek wrote in June of 1975 with the title 'Only One Thing Worse than Open Inflation is a Repressed Inflation," for "The Money Manager." It also appeared in the "First Chicago Report" in May of 1975, where it was published with the title 'World Inflationary Recession."

(Notice how they gave him a byline: "Friedman A. von Hayek"!!)

And the other is an interview that he did with "Business Week" in December of 1980, after Reagan won the November election, with the title, "Recession as Inflation's only Cure."

I thought you might find them of interest, and still "timely."
Notice also, especially the first piece, how you could remove the dates of the articles and it would appear that Hayek is writing about the current crisis.

Here are the two pieces:

Hayek - Open and Repressed Inflation (1975)

Hayek - Recession as Inflation's Cure (1980)

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