Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Inflation Witch

IndiaRealTime reports:
India’s common man now has a song to protest against rising prices. And everyone wants a piece of it.

Peepli Live, a film by Aamir Khan Productions, has a track titled “Mehangayi Daayan” (the inflation witch.) It speaks about how the ordinary man has been hurt by rising prices...

The traditional song in Peepli Live is sung by the village musicians of Badwai in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh who normally make music during festive or ritual occasions.

The lyrics: “Sakhi saiyyan toh khoob hi kamaat hai/Mehangayi daayan khaye jaat hai/Har mahina uchle petrol, diesel ka uchla hai role…”

(My husband earns a lot, but the second wife inflation is eating it all up, prices of petrol and diesel are rising every month…)

Inflation in the U.S. is relatively tame right now, but that is unlikely to last long term. IndiaRealTime reports on the U.S. inflation song sitting in wait:

If you are not a Bollywood junkie, here’s a song by the American blues guitarist and singer B.B. King,

“Hey Mr. President

All your congressmen, too

You got me frustrated

And I don’t know what to do

I’m trying to make a living

I can’t save a cent

It takes all of my money

Just to eat and pay my rent

I got the blues

Got those inflation blues”

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