Friday, July 23, 2010

Jamie Dimon's Inner Psyche Revealed?

Since merging Chicago-based Bank One with J P Morgan in 2004, Jamie "The President's favorite banker" Dimon, moved out of his Chicago residence. He now lives in NYC.

Because of the downturn in the real estate market, he has been having difficulty selling his house. According to Deidre Woollard:
He bought the home in 2000 for $4.68 million and originally put it on the market several years ago for $13.5 million. It was at $10.5 million when we checked it out last year but had a price cut earlier this year to $9.5 million
New pics of Dimon's house have been released by the real estate agent marketing his residence.

A painting above a set of stairs, in what appears to be some type of foyer, is in this picture:

Should this painting  be considered a type of a  Rorschach test that reveals something about the inner psyche of Dimon? An obsession with power perhaps?

More pics from the house are here.


  1. First, I didn't know he was from Chicago. Not sure how I missed that detail but now it makes so much more sense why he is an Obama-stooge.

    Second, that picture looks like HIM. I swear I've seen him with crossed arms in a power suit pose before, and he seems to wear that blue tie quite a bit. So, add narcissism on top of the powertrip mentality.

  2. He moved from NYC to Chicago in 2000 to take the Bank One job. And I agree with Taylor that it is a picture of Dimon. That's his standard pose.

  3. The only thing I may have in common w/ the man, is that I would look better if my head and face were cropped out.