Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July 20th: A Day to Contemplate the Courage to Oppose Tyranny

Mario Rizzo posts at ThinkMarkets:

We took this challenge before our Lord and our conscience, and it must be done, because this man, Hitler, he is the ultimate evil.-Claus von Stauffenberg

July 20, 1944 is an important date in history. It is the date of the failed attempt to assassinate Adolf Hitler. It was by no means the only attempt but it is, perhaps, the most famous because the plot was the most far reaching. It is also the date that Claus von Stauffenberg, the leader, and other plotters were executed.Each year on this date there is a memorial ceremony in Berlin.... 

On July 20th we should contemplate the courage to oppose tyranny. 
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  1. This was not an act of courage, it was an act of desperation. The act of a rat cornered, knowing it was doomed. Killing one man would not end the tragedy that was WWII, and these plotters only wanted to save themselves. Saving yourself from certain defeat is an act of life but not ana ct of courage. Opposing the NAZI party in the 1930's, that was an act of courage.