Thursday, July 29, 2010

Orszag Heckled

Outgoing White House budget director Peter Orszag was heckled this morning after giving a speech at the Brookings Institution. Notice at the end of the clip how the CNBC anchors become apologists for Orszag. No discussion at all as to whether the heckler has a point.

During a previous speech, Orszag said the plan for ObamaCare was "throwing stuff against the wall and seeing what sticks."


  1. What's your beef with Orszag, Wenzel? He's a nice guy, guy. Sure, he might screw some things up here and there. But he's trying, guy! He's trying. He means well. No need to be a bad sport and call him names like "fascist pig." Sheesh.

  2. If you're going to heckle someone at LEAST be clever or have a cogent argument. My nine year old sone comes home with stronger witticisms than "Fascist Pig" on a daily basis.

    This guy should have been a plant. By demonstrating how feeble the "heckler" is in his attack he lessens the value of REAL criticisms of Orszag and his work at OMB. It would have been a pretty smart thing for the Democrats to do.

  3. that was AWESOME

    I probably would have started a "Feed your kid" chant