Thursday, July 1, 2010

Was Nouriel Roubini Tagged Teamed by Two of the Russian Spies?

I have already reported on alleged Russian spy, Anna Chapman, who befriended Nouriel Roubini on Facebook.  The hard partying Roubini acknowledges that he may have met Chapman in a social setting, but does not recall any one on one conversation with her.

Another connection Roubini may have to the alleged spies is with the alleged Russian spy "Cynthia Murphy". According to NyPo, Moscow ordered her to develop "ties w/ classmates on daily basis incl. professors."

"Report to C[enter] on their detailed personal data and character traits w. preliminary conclusions about their potential (vulnerability) to be recruited by Service," her controls wrote.

Murphy earned an  MBA at Columbia, but most intriguing she also has a bachelor's degree in finance from NYU's Leonard Stern School of Business in 2000 and an NYU associate's degree in 1997.

Roubini has taught at NYU's Leonard Stern School of Business since 1995.

Long before this spy scandal broke, I emphasised that Roubini is one of the most connected economists in the profession. He's close to Larry Summers, Tim Geithner and Ben Bernanke. He also is a consultant to several central banks. If I was to draw up a list of financial targets to gain inside information from, Roubini would probably be at the top of the list. His enjoyment of the night life, would make him an even more interesting target--as someone easy to run into.

Roubini has not responded to my email asking him:

1. The alleged Russian spy "Cynthia Murphy" received a bachelor's degree in finance from NYU's Leonard Stern School of Business in 2000. By any chance do you recall her? Is it possible she took one of your courses?

2. Anything interesting about the way you got invited to [Russsain oligarch] Roman Abramovich's New Year's Eve party?

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