Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Week Long Introduction to Economics that Actually Explains How the Economy Works

The most frequent comment I hear when I tell someone I am an economist is,"Oh, I took a course in economics. It was boring, confusing and I didn't understand a thing."

Of course, I then tell them that the courses taught at most college and universities are designed to be confusing so that the government can get away with all kinds of manipulations of the economy. I tell them that real economics, which truly explains how the economy works, is nothing like what they were taught in school.

Fortunately, there is an antidote for the confusion and it is called the Mises Institute. At MI, you not only learn real economics, but you learn how the economy is manipulated.

What's special about the week ahead is that MI is hosting its annual Mises University. At Mises U the best minds gather to teach economics the way it should be taught.

In an article, Gary North explains why this is the best resource for studying economics. Best of all it will be available online for free. Checkout North's column here. Then checkout the professor's and the topics they plan to lecture on. If there is a subject in economics that you have been curious about, now is the opportunity to log on at Mises University and learn the subject from a master in the field.

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