Friday, August 27, 2010

Alert: Bernanke to Speak

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke is scheduled to speak this morning on the economy and policy, in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, . Scheduled speech time is 10:00 AM ET.

This is a likely market mover.  There will be no live coverage, so all the power for first reactions will be in the hands of the wire service writers. Markets will react to whatever headlines they see coming across the wires.  A second wave of market activity is likely to hit after analysts read the speech and start putting out analysis.

Whatever he says, given the weak economy, the Fed is likely to take more aggressive easing measures. Since it is my view that the Fed is not entirely sure how its various new Bernanke "tools" will work, we will just have to see what Bernanke and the Fed proposes before analyzing the impact of such measures.

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  1. "Bernanke said the Fed had not agreed on specific criteria or triggers for further easing." Just give Sack the go ahead to light up and play it by ear.