Friday, August 20, 2010

ALERT: Jackson Hole Annual Conference; Central Bankers Will Stargaze w/Astronomy Club (For real)

The Kansas City Fed's annual symposium in Jackson Hole. Wyoming will this year limit attendees from the other regional banks . For this year’s Aug. 26-28 conference, a regional bank may only send one of the two top officials (Either the bank's president or the bank's director of research) . Also, unlike in previous years, the New York Fed’s markets chief, currently Brian Sack, isn’t invited, reports Bloomberg.

The Kansas City Fed is trying to make the event more international and focus on monetary policy thinkers. In addition to Fed Chairman Bernanke, European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet is scheduled to speak.

This year’s conference theme is “Macroeconomic Challenges: The Decade Ahead.” But it won't be all scheming and wonk talk.

According to Bloomberg, between debates over new research and crisis management under elk-antler chandeliers, attendees take hiking and rafting excursions in Grand Teton National Park. This year’s schedule features stargazing with a local astronomy club and a visit to a ranch with a “horse whisperer,” or trainer.

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  1. The Bankstas will look up at the stars and say " they are tiny and far away. I am here ."

    Then they will go visit the horse whisperer and think to themselves " we have been doing this with the people of the US for almost a century. What's the big deal."