Monday, August 23, 2010

Another Secret Geithner Meeting

EPJ's own Taylor Conant, who was first to pick up internet chatter of a meeting between Treasury Secretary Geithner and various bloggers (here), has detected chatter about an additional Geithner meeting with wordsmiths. This one with journalists from various mainstream outlets. Here's the list of the attendees:

•Felix Salmon of Reuters
•Mike Allen of Politico
•Tim Fernholz of The American Prospect
•Derek Thompson, staff editor at The Atlantic
•Shahien Nasiripour of The Huffington Post
•Ezra Klein of The Washington Post

Salmon's most notable journalistic accomplishment has been spotting Ben Stein in a commercial pimping a credit rating service. Salmon was apparently concerned with the bait and switch element of the commercial and the follow-up process. A Salmon concerned about bait, who would have thunk it? None of the other attendee names ring any bells as far as accomplishing anything close to what Salmon has accomplished.

It remains odd that the Treasury tends to publicly report most of Treasury Secretary Geithner's activities, but that the Treasury did not disclose Geithner's meeting with the first set of bloggers and this second meeting, as though they were nothing more than bowel movements.

Conant's take is here.

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