Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bob Murphy Explains Basic Economics

Economist Robert Murphy is launching a new online class aimed at 7th graders and up that will explain the basics of economics. Murphy is one of the most talented communicators of economics that there is. It's almost worth taking the course for the jokes that I'm sure he will disperse throughout his lectures. That said, knowing Murphy, completion of this course will result in anyone taking the course being able to discuss economics more intelligently than Paul Krugman.

Click here for an interview by Jeffrey Tucker of Murphy, where he discusses the course.

WARNING: There is one misleading part in this interview. Early on, you will see Murphy's head float around the screen. I have had drinks with Murphy. I have had dinner with Murphy. I have hiked the streets hills of San Francisco with Murphy. Not once did I see him levitate his head. Bottom line: I don't think Murphy levitates his head in public. This was some kind of trick photography.


  1. I honestly wish I was in 7th grade and/or just starting out on this stuff again. Would be great to learn from an original master like Bob Murphy. Murphy is to economics what Bruce Lee was to the kung fu movie genre-- an honest, humble ace practitioner who can popularize it for the enjoyment and appreciation of all.

  2. Is there a link available? I couldn't find it on the Mises site.


  3. Never mind. Found it through Bob's site. Here it is:

  4. Thanks Taylor. For what it's worth, I think of you as a 7th grader.