Monday, August 2, 2010

Did a Russian Spy Read Paul Huebl for Tips?

NyPo reports:
New images of Anna Chapman circulating around the internet Friday showed that even on a police mugshot the suspected Russian spy could retain the poise and glamor that made her famous during last month’s spy scandal.

The police photographs of Chapman and her nine fellow agents, posted by the, were taken by U.S. Marshals shortly after their arrest as suspected secret agents.
Despite the pressurized circumstances, and harsh lighting, the image shows a lightly tanned, fresh-faced Chapman staring coolly at the camera, the very slight hint of a smile on her lips.
Her nine fellow agents did not fare so well. Their booking photographs betrayed the tiredness and strain of having their true identities exposed and cover stories blown. Many averted their eyes from the camera and all looked tired and drained.
This is right out of the advice book of Peter Huebl: Always Smile for Your Police Booking Photo

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  1. She could've gone to Hollywood, been a star!

    I wish they'd figure out what her real name is, this "Anna Chapman" nonsense is bugging me. What kind of Russian is born "Anna Chapman"?