Monday, August 16, 2010

Elizabeth Warren Supporters Try 'WTF Rap'

I once had to sing a few lines of a rap song to prove to a sista that I knew rap, so I am not against all rap, but this new Elizabeth Warren rap video may cause Hammer and P. Diddy to abandon rap for, maybe, country music. This video is so laughable that even the staid and cautious WSJ managing editor, Alan Murray, said of it, "Elizabeth Warren, The Music Video. Too bizarre to believe."

A group called the Main Street Brigade has released the video. According to their web site:

 The Main Street Brigade is a rapid response team, nationwide, that can be activated to protect our communities against just this kind of devastation.

Right now, we are ALL vulnerable to the big banks, CEOs and Wall Street institutions whose irresponsibility and risky behavior caused this economic crisis. Our vulnerability is being increased by the fact that when our government proposes an agency with sound measures to protect our interests, the arsonists are pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into lobbying and advertising to prevent that protection from being implemented.

Today, our work is to support the formation of the Consumer Financial Protection act, and protect our families and communities.
As we go forward, their will be other actions we can do.
This "spontaneous" support for Warren means there is serious money behind her.Remember, just this weekend WaPo posted a luv fest interview with her. Heavy duty players can only get this kind of stuff done. My guess it is union money. I shudder to think what demographic they are trying to reach to build support for Warren.

If you haven't had your chuckle for the day, here it is.


  1. A better name for this group: Pathetic People Posers

  2. That's not even good.

  3. That rap-song really speaks to me as a young adult that cares deeply about making a difference n' stuff.