Thursday, August 12, 2010

Free the Monks of St Joseph Abbey!

It's not only Wall Street that attempts regulatory capture. In Louisiana, it is a crime for anyone but a licensed funeral director to sell “funeral merchandise,” which includes caskets. The state in league with the funeral directors want to prevent the Monks of St Joseph Abbey from selling the caskets they make. They face crippling fines and possible jail time.

The monks say they will fight the state all the way up to the Supreme Court, if they have to.



  1. Police State America 2: The Monk Culling
    Tagline: "This time, not even the monks are safe!"

  2. Just like the government is ramming down our throats the obligation for tax payers to buy health insurance whether we want to or not, the government is forcing monks not to make a product that they may be very good at producing. This sounds like the central government of Stalin telling people what they could make and what they had to buy. The government has taken over transportation (GM), its taken over one fifth of the economy (health care), and now it wants to tell individuals what they can't produce? This is communism and unconstitutional.
    Whittier, CA

  3. Its hard for me to work up an outrage on behalf of organizations that file for exemption from taxes. Where are the churches this year when government is increasing taxation on the rest of us? They've made their tax deals with the government, so they could care less.

    Is anyone surprised that government won't let the monks alone? Did they think they're entitled to some kind of non-harassment deal, too?