Monday, August 9, 2010

Is Naomi Campbell About to Get Slapped with an International Perjury Charge?

Former Liberian President Charles Taylor is on trial at The Hague in the Netherlands, for crimes against humanity. Apparently, passing on a "blood diamond" to a super-model is such a crime.

Prosecutors forced Naomi Campbell to appear in The Hague to testify against Taylor. Prosecutors allege that Taylor gave Campbell a huge "blood diamond" (Note: As I have pointed out before, the entire idea of a "blood diamond" [or "conflict diamond"] appears to be the ingenious idea of DeBeers to limit non-DeBeers diamonds from entering the market.)

Anyway, Campbell appears to be something of a class act, who believes if you receive a gift from a man you keep your mouth shut about it, especially when a nosey international court wants to know what is going on. She did not want to testify against Taylor, and did so only under threat of a seven year jail term.

She testified that she  received a pouch of "very small, dirty-looking" stones delivered to her hotel room by three mysterious men.

She added during her testimony that the pouch of diamonds came with "no explanation, no note." Receiving such an odd gift from a mysterious fan was not unusual, Campbell said, "I get gifts all the time, sometimes in the middle of the night."

This would have been the end of it, except for the fact that Mia Farrow really has a problem minding her own business.

Farrow testified at The Hague for more than three hours. The gist of Farrow's testimony was that Campbell told her the diamond came from Taylor, which contradicts Campbell's testimony that she did not know who the gift came from. Farrow also testified that Campbell told her that it was one huge diamond, not a bunch of "dirty stones."

Next up is Campbell's former agent, Carole White, who is expected to testify that during a dinner honoring Nelson Mandella, Taylor and Campbell were "mildly flirtatious" throughout the dinner.

Campbell, somewhat challenged when it comes to geopolitical knowledge, testified that when she spoke with Taylor that night, "I spoke in general. I was interested in Liberia. I had never heard of it before."

And there you have it. The trial of Taylor for crimes against humanity hangs on a "blood diamond" he may have given to Campbell. A crime that is only a crime at the instigation of diamond monopolist DeBeers.

This bizarre situation could all possibly end up with Campbell being prosecuted for perjury.


  1. Idiot. This isn't about a diamond that may or may not have been passed to Campbell. This is about genocide. And if Campbell lied under oath, she should spend the next several years in a prison cell. Thousands of innocent people have been murdered, and she places her own sense of "convenience" above justice for the victims. Again, if she lied, she should be punished severely.

  2. Yes, she deserves to spend years in jail because of a gift somebody gave her. She is directly responsible for the murders of thousands of people, that bitch.

    Someone is an idiot here, but its not Wenzel.

  3. To Anonymous:

    7 years for "lying"? When she is under complete and utter duress and the threat of taking away a huge portion of her life if she doesn't answer exactly as her captors perceive as correct?

    No, this isn't about genocide. It's, oddly enough, about a single lie, but not Naomi's, but the diamond cartel's. It is then about a cartel's manipulation of global political structures based on this lie (the conflict diamond lie), and the way the global political structures have taken the ball and run with it to cause all sorts of mischief and mayhem.

    This madness is the world we live in today.

  4. Isn't it wonderful that our western elites had the wisdom and foresight to inflict democratic socialism upon the former European colonies in Africa which meant the invariable lack of property rights, unlimited funny money and complete government control over every aspect of life, I mean, the economy. And, because everyone always votes for their own ethnic group under democratic socialism, with the winning ethnic group "owning" the entire economy, Africa has been bequeathed perpetual ethnic slaughter. And socialism being socialism, they have been bequeathed perpetual poverty.

    But don't get confused. Africa's problems are all the fault of capitalism. Just ask Mia Farrow.

  5. Bob Roddis hit the nail on the head.

    Africa's problem is lack of property rights -
    Property rights are the fountainhead of prosperity - African dictators, with the urging of their left wing westeran sponsers, have been peeing in the fountain for years -

  6. Blood Diamonds are a marketing invention by the DeBeer's Cartel to reign in the problem of diamonds that are being brought to market outside of their control. There is no real crime here, DeBeer's should be dismantled as it is slowly unraveling, I say the sooner the better.

  7. America should invade the rest of North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Antarctica. Then, guilt-ridden, rich, white people could tell everyone how to live. That's what God wants.

  8. If you look at the history of DeBeers, virtually all diamonds "blood diamonds". The problem here is that the diamonds in question aren't flowing through DeBeers' coffers, not that people got killed for them.

  9. If you commit perjury, you should suffer the consequences. If Taylor traded weapons for diamonds, knowing that the weapons would be used to commit genocide, then he should spend the rest of his natural life in prison. If Naomi Campbell lied to the court, she should suffer as well. How's that for inconvenient? It isn't that she was given a gift; it's about punishing those who commit perjury. DeBeers may have blood on its hands too, but that shouldn't absolve Taylor of his crimes (if he is in fact guilty). The world isn't black and white and there is plenty of culpability to go around. You nutjobs can hate DeBeers, and perhaps you are justified, but you can't make one killer a saint by showing that another is worse.

  10. Hey, Anonymous 10:53 PM: perjury is not a sin. The tribunal in the Hague has no moral or legal authority to try anybody.
    That the Dutch are doing so is twisted: wracked with guilt about their colonial abuses, they now launch upon another era of legal and moral colonialism.
    Free Naomi!

  11. @Anonymous

    May I call you Nigel? Seems you have those special amps that "go to eleven". What do I mean by "these go to eleven?" You've been given evidence negating your "humane" assertion yet continue to prattle on about moralistic platitudes that are SYMPTOMS of the problem (DeBeers monopoly & willingness to use "government intervention to protect said monopoly).

    Problems are never solved by defending actions against the "symptoms" of the real problem which is DeBeers GOVERNMENT AUTHORIZED monopoly over diamonds. I'm willing to bet you also think governments protect us from monopolies, (PS: it is primarily BECAUSE OF government action we GET monopolies), as in the case with DeBeers.

    Further, I don't see anyone attempting to "paint" the involved parties as "saints", rather, they've aptly demonstrated the terrible consequences of government and corporate collusion. Try coming back to comment once you can turn your amps to something other than eleven. In other words, try refuting the evidence with something other than just repeating the same thing that was previously refuted. Saying the same thing again and again doesn't make the statement truer each time you repeat it.

  12. People need to grow up. What happened to us? We used to look at facts and figure before writing . . . Now free speech is to allow people to say things without backing it up.

    If someone does something wrong, they should answer for it!

    As far as De Beers... Ph grow up! When is a 30 to 35% owner of any industry have so much influence? You people are stuck in the 60's! Go look at the data, debeer sold aand mined less than 40% of the world's production. If comments here are true, ya'all really don't bother doing your homework before making such comments. So go to legitimate sites and do your homework before making dumb comments.

  13. When it comes to Western backed The Hague kangaroo court black people don't have any rights