Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Latest Hit on Geithner Comes From Newly Formed "Union of the Unemployed"

The activity coming out of the left continues to intensify, with a distinct focus on harassing Treasury Secretary Geithner. Admittedly, Geithner is bought and paid for by Wall Street, but the timing of the latest attacks on him from the left suggest they are more of the co-ordinated attacks led by Elizabeth Warren operatives. They need to neutralize Geithner, who is strongly against Warren being nominated to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

The latest attack comes from an outfit known as UCubed.

UCubed issued a Press Release stating:
This week’s sharp rise in new unemployment claims as further proof that the nation can no longer afford the economic stewardship of U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner...In September of 2009, Geithner told ABC News’s Diane Sawyer: “A year from now, growth will be stronger. Unemployment will be lower. It will be easier to find a job. Incomes will be growing more rapidly. People will be able to be more confident in the value of their savings. They’ll be more likely to put their kids through college.”

“Geithner was delusional then and he’s even worse now,” said [Rick] Sloan [Acting Executive Director of UCubed], who noted that just three weeks ago, Geithner declared the American economy was “on a firmer foundation for future growth.”

“If you’re feeling a sinking sensation in the pit of your stomach, it’s because Geithner’s ‘firmer foundation’ was laid on quicksand,” claimed Sloan. “Jobs are the bedrock of any sustained recovery. And we won’t see impressive job growth until Geithner resigns.”
Curiously, UCubed ignores the tremendous number of new regulations encouraged by President Obama, in the form of ObamaCare and the Dodd-Frank Financial "Reform" Bill, that make it difficult for businesses to understand what their cost structures will be and their regulatory responsibilities will be. Thus, making it extremely dangerous for businesses to take on new employees. UCubed also completely ignores the role of the Federal Reserve in causing unemployment via their money manipulations.

All focus, as far as UCubed is concerned, should be on the anti-Elizabeth Warren official, Geithner, who in his role as Treasury Secretary probably has as much direct influence on unemployment as Bob Murphy.

According to Labor Talk:
UCubed is the brain-child of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM), whose leaders feel that the millions of unemployed workers need a union of their own to join in the struggle for massive jobs programs.
If a call for "massive jobs programs" doesn't clue you in that this is a group in favor of, well, massive government intervention to create make work jobs for likely new union members, then a look at the recent tweets coming from the group may be enlightening. Starting with a bizarre, obvious distorted tweet about Rand Paul:

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