Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More Easing Moves by The Fed?

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke is scheduled to speak on Friday at the annual Kansas City Fed symposium in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

NYT is hinting that Bernanke may discuss further money easing activities:
Friday will offer [Bernanke's] outlook on the economy, explain the Fed’s recent modest move to halt the slide and possibly outline other actions.
It is not clear if NYT is simply speculating on what may be in Bernanke's speech, or if they have a a source.

If this comment was coming out of FT, I would be more confident in a direct link between the comment and the Fed, since there are indications that Bernanke, himself, leaks to FT. Not so with NYT.

Nevertheless, a comment of some type of new Fed easing wouldn't come as a surprise. The Fed's move to reinvest MBS cash flow is just in its early stages, while the economy is clearly headed to a double dip.

Now that NYT has put additional focus on the Bernanke speech, the market will tank if he doesn't say something about further easing measures.

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  1. RW, The Fed usually avoids making big moves during political campaigns to avoid being the center of attention more than necessary.

    Do you think that the Fed will wait until the coming elections in two months to adopt any new important measure?