Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Yes-Men Meet the Treasury Secretary

Taylor Conant has done the leg work link clicking to answer the question I posed: "Who the hell did Treasury invite into this room?"

As Conant reports, it was a bunch of yes-men. What remains interesting is why Treasury failed to disclose this meeting (or its participants) on its daily public calendar of Geithner's activities.

Is there someone in the group that Geithner was embarrassed to be meeting with? Or was he embarrassed by the entire bunch of them?

Anyway, Conant has the full expose as to what went on at the meeting and who was there, right here.


  1. Wenzel,

    I see Krugman has managed to teach you something after all. You're quite accomplished with that strikethrough function these days.

  2. Whenever I learn from Krugman, I try and apply the lesson liberally.

  3. Duh-duh, chhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Double entendre'd

  4. You seem to have eyes everywhere. I now use your site along with Richard Russell, John Maudlin, David Rosenburg, Michael Krieger, James Grant, Peter Thiel and, of course, Peter Schiff to help keep reality in my grasp.

    Keep it up!