Monday, September 27, 2010

An Egomaniac Brit Soros Suck Up Comes to America (With a PR Team)

Prior to last week, I had never heard of Lord George Mark Malloch Brown, despite the fact that he is putting in a major effort to get everyone in the world to know who he is. Then I received an email from Nicole Madison at  his PR firm, Financial Dynamics-Public Relations, which I produce, in part, below:

Good Morning Robert,

I hope you don’t mind the e-mail, but I wanted to find out if you might be free next Tuesday September 28th to sit down with former UN Deputy Secretary General Lord Mark Malloch Brown, who now serves as Chairman, Global Affairs with global business advisory firm FTI Consulting....

If you are free, I’d love to set up even a short introduction next Tuesday in New York, as you will be hearing a lot more from Lord Malloch Brown in the coming months
Along with the UN, Malloch-Brown is member of the UK House of Lords, a former Minister of State in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the British and has held senior roles in the World Bank...

Going on strictly this email, I set up a meeting time with Lord Brown, through the offices of his PR firm. Then later last week, I did a little research on  Malloch-Brown and found out he is a George Soros stooge, that he publicly defended the handling of the United Nations Oil-for-Food scam (see Backstabbing for Beginners: My Crash Course in International Diplomacy for details on the Oil for Food horror) and that he has the curious ability to live in apartments where the rent is more than his salary.

At one point he lived, according to the Times Online in London in an:

opulent London grace-and-favour apartment that he occupies with his wife Patricia and their four children in Admiralty House, where John Prescott used to live...The disparity between Malloch-Brown’s salary of £81,504 and the £173,000 subsidised rent paid for Prescott’s comparable flat was reminiscent of a similar arrangement with his friend George Soros, the US billionaire and philanthropist.

As Soros’s tenant in a five-bedroom property, Malloch-Brown was paying a UN subsidised rent of about $120,000 while his take-home pay was $125,000.
And he is an total egomaniac, the Times, again:

Malloch-Brown’s worst enemy is his own big mouth. He lost little time after his appointment[to the UK Cabinet] to brag of his reputation: “From Colin Powell to Condi Rice all the way through to Richard Holbrooke or Madeleine Albright, across that massive swathe of American foreign policy, I would bet you a drink that you would find that I am their favourite multi-nationalist Brit.”
He is also sniffing up George Soros' butt so deep that, well, Brown really is a good name for him. He was part of the Soros Advisory Committee on Bosnia in 1993-94. In May 2007, Soros' Quantum Fund announced his appointment as vice president. Also in May 2007, Malloch-Brown was named vice chairman of Soros Fund Management and the Open Society Institute, two other important Soros organizations.

OMG, I thought to myself as I read the kind of sleazeball pig this guy is.

Clearly, the PR agency he was using had not read EPJ, if I'm lucky and Malloch-Brown gets too busy to check out EPJ, then I will have the opportunity to interview one of the biggest suck ups to ever roam the planet. Why, I might even get the chance to see if he even sucks coffee through a straw.

But alas, the egomaniac must have wandered over to EPJ and realized that EPJ is not exactly the kind of coverage he would necessarily want to be reaching out for here in America, so on Friday last week the next email came from this buffoon's clueless PR firm:

Hi Robert –

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we have had some changes in Lord Malloch Brown’s schedule next week while he is in New York, and he unfortunately will not be able to meet on Tuesday as planned at 3:30pm. His schedule is pretty booked with clients, and I’m afraid I’m unable to find a new time that might work.

I do apologize, but it looks like we are going to have to cancel. I will keep you updated if anything else changes in his schedule, and will let you know the next time he is in NY.

Please accept my apologies.

Thanks and have a good weekend.



Nicole Madison
Assistant Vice President

Oh, I responded to Nicole and told her it was an insult for Malloch-Brown to cancel the appointment and argued I could be his first appointment in the morning or his last at night, but Nicole is no longer returning my emails, so I guess that plan is out.

Since that last email, I have learned that Financial Dynamics-Public Relations is actually a subsidiary of FTI Consulting, where Malloch-Brown is LOL, Chairman of Global Affairs.

So I guess alls well that ends well, Nicole and Financial Dynamics have been very successful in getting me to focus on their client/boss, and Malloch-Brown can rest assured that I will be following his career very closely to let as many Americans as possible know what he is up to.

And I want to thank Nicole for letting me know that:

you will be hearing a lot more from Lord Malloch Brown in the coming months.
I am really looking forward to it.

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