Saturday, September 18, 2010

Elizabeth Warren Phones Jamie

In her first move to "help the consumer", Elizabeth Warren touched base with the power elite. NyPo reports:

Warren phoned a number of banking bosses, including JPMorgan Chase Chief Executive Jamie Dimon, Citigroup boss Vikram Pandit and Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf, in an effort to ease tensions.

"Vikram Pandit and Elizabeth Warren had a good conversation when they spoke on the phone [on Friday]," said a spokeswoman, in a statement to The Post. "Citi is very focused on helping consumers in our country and Vikram looks forward to working with Ms. Warren as she guides the development of this important new agency."

A spokesman at JPMorgan confirmed that Warren caught up with Dimon in Russia, where he is attending a conference. Dimon is said to have described the conversation as a "constructive first move."

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