Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Glen Hutchins on Investment Opportunities

Glen Hutchins co-Founder of the private equity firm, Silver Lake, was interviewed at the Dow Jones Private Equity Conference by WSJ's Alan Murray.

Hutchins said investing must now be focused on "pockets of unusual growth." He then singled out technology and emerging markets. He said 40% of Silver Lake's portfolio was a play one way or another on emerging markets.

With regard to emerging markets, he said there were obvious differences with investing in the U.S. because of the "regulatory infrastructure" in different companies. He also noted that the old thinking was that you launched in the U.S. and then expanded globally. He said now the thinking is different countries have different cultures and that therefore it is important to test, think and adapt in the different cultures.

He also noted that a number of unions were opting out of making China-based investments because unions view China as "anti-labor" (Translation: Chinese labor markets are less hampered by government regulations).

Another play Hutchins discussed was the "debit card economy." He stated that because many in the economy don't want credit cards and others can't get them that there is tremendous opportunity with debit card type products.

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