Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Government Sachs and Its Latest Propaganda Campaign

The latest attempt by Goldman Sachs to prove they are good people, and that their raping of America did not happen, is through a new print ad being run in WSJ that shows they are in bed with government on clean energy.

These guys are so intertwined with government that it appears that they don't even understand anymore what free markets and entrepreneurship are all about. Their new act signals that they will continue to rape Americans, but in politically correct ways.

CNBC's John Carney does the smackdown:

The message seems to be an attempt to show that Goldman's investment banking activities make positive contributions to businesses, communities, the environment and jobs growth. Goldman, in short, is trying to show how it is playing a role at improving the lives of Americans rather than simply increasing its bottom line.

Not everyone is likely to be convinced. Those who believe that clean or green energy is likely to be the location of the next financial bubble will find it ironic that Goldman is trying to burnish its image by touting investment in windmills. When T. Boone Pickens, for instance, began promoting energy independence many thought it was a cynical attempt to boost the fortunes of his Clean Energy Fuels Corp
The key here is that most of these windmill projects are not profitable. Both Pickens and Goldman want what I have called "bailouts in advance', i.e., they rape tax payers by taking government money and creating projects that would never develop in a free market, and, of course, they build in nice profit margins for themselves in what are ultimately losing businesses. Translation: A sophisticated scam.


  1. The Cape Wind project we have inflicted on us up here is a super big scam.
    The cost just keeps going up. Including 66 mil to tear it down.
    Taxpayers and ratepayers are screwed.
    T Boone and Goldman Sachs should take pillaging lessons from this guy.

  2. The full page ad also ran in my local paper. I laughed at it. I live on the Gulf Coast, and there have been daily full page color ads for BP. You can bet I "trust" their coverage of the oil spill.

  3. It is not enough to scam the system; it is necessary to insult the intelligence of the American people. Those Goldmanites are just too cool for school.

  4. GS needs to be shorted until it dies.

  5. Perhaps a name change to Goldman Sacks, the second word being a verb.

  6. So the energy of the future is based on 17th century technology. I am no energy expert nor am I an engineer but I do know if windmills, solar power, or any other so called alternative energy is viable, it won't require government subsidies. Wind mills, hybrid cars, and other supposedly green products are only manufactured because they are subsidized by the extorted funds. Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Alexander Graham Bell, and Thomas Edison never had to beg the the government for money.

  7. GS clearly scams the system but the root is our government being allowed to inter the market with our money and feed the scams. Cut off the corrupt source which feeds the scams or there is never a solution. Although GS arguably IS OUR GOV'T we need to start at the source - expanded gov't authority. End the Fed, end the fiat currency, return to extremely limited gov't. We won't but that is what we should do

  8. "There's a special place in hell," for these guys and the government officials in collusion with them. God help us. It's another ponzi scam and we ain't even seen the worse yet. Blood suckers!!!! We have to get rid of these people in the government and Wall st. That's the only way it is going to stop, so PRAY alot. It is good vs. evil.