Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Just Search: "Ron Paul"

Just overheard on the sidewalk at 45th and Third Avenue in midtown Manhattan, from a 40ish businessman with a heavy New York accent, telling a woman:

"Ron Paul. Just search 'Ron Paul' and you will find out what is going on."


  1. Good. It's about time the Sheeple of this country wake up.

    Unfortunately, Ron Paul's ideas are sound (even if somewhat on the fringe) but he has a poor ability to orate them to the crowd in a clear and concise manner. However, each inch towards a free and more conservative America is one inch further from the corrupt bankster environment we've NOT changed from the Bush years. Change we could (have one time) believe(d) in.

  2. I don't know what the first commenter is talking about. Ron Paul is perfectly articulate and a terrific orator.

    He's awakened so many people and ignited a huge movement.

    Thank God for Ron Paul!

  3. RON PAUL 2012....or bust.

  4. I have a 'Ron Paul was Right' bumper sticker. I get compliments all the time.

    One time a military dude went out of his way to get my attention and make me roll down my window to tell me my bumper sticker was awesome.