Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Maria Bartiromo: I Would Like to Thank the Power Elite (And only the Power Elite)

CNBC's Maria Bartiromo is out with a new book, The Weekend That Changed Wall Street: An Eyewitness Account, here's  a good chunk of who she thanks in the acknowledgements section of the book. Note: If you are looking to see if Ron Paul or Peter Schiff make the list, fuggedaboutit :

Bill Clinton

Jamie Dimon (Head of JPMorganChase)

Barney Frank (Architect of the Dood-Frank Act)

Timothy Geithner (Tool of Wall Street elite)

Ace Greenberg (former Bear Stearns head)

Alan Greenspan (Randian sellout)

Jeffrey Immelt (Head of GE)

Vikram Pandit  (Head of Citi)

Henry Paulson (The former center of Goldman/U.S. Treasury)

David Rubenstein (Co-founder Carlyle Group)

John Mack (Chairman Morgan Stanley)

Mary Scahpiro (Head of SEC)

John Thain (Former head Merrill Lynch)

Paul Volcker (Rockefeller tool)

Jack Welch (Former GE head)

Any questions as to the perspective you will get from the Bartiromo book?

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