Monday, September 20, 2010

Matt Damon's Mess

Matt Damon and his writing crew have to be congratulated for attempting to shed some light on the problems of the current banking system and the crooked dealings going on. Unfortunately,they are like the kid that tries real hard in school but misses the big picture and turns in a paper that is mostly wrong, despite the effort.

I speak of the new documentary, Inside Job,  that is narrated by Damon.

Somehow $20 million was spent on this film, when it consists of a series of nothing more than  a series of news clips and interviews. Yet the depth of the documentary appears to be at the headline level. There is nothing in this documentary that you wouldn't know by, say, reading the headlines of the New York Post.

The documentary get some of the points right, but it gets a lot wrong, including interviewing Barney Frank and Nouriel Roubini, but not interviewing Ron Paul or Peter Schiff. The master manipulator George Soros is even given face time. But not one representative of the Austrian School of economics--the only school of economics that as a group consistently warned about the crisis. Thus the documentary is very slanted and not a depiction of what really went down. I'm not sure how aware Damon is of the slant, but the slant makes the facts and theories wrong at key points.

In short, the documentary is a disaster that will give people the wrong impression about what caused the crisis and what the real solutions are.

There is not a word about the business cycle and how it distorts the economy. Not a word about government forcing bank funds into the realm estate sector. Amazing. The film has to be viewed as some kind of left-wing propoganda piece. It's worse than Jersey Girl.


  1. Intellectually dishonest films (IDF) seem to be the trend du jour for the left when it comes to economics and business finance--subjects that tend to baffle them. I imagine that Matt is one of the smarter ones (business wise) and is just trying to make a few easy bucks like the master of left leaning IDF's, Mike Moore. Seeing how much money Moore is able to grift from liberal audiences with his schlock, who can blame Matt for cashing in on that horse too?

  2. Just another actor who read a few books and thinks he knows what he is talking about.

  3. 20 million dollars? I think a lot of these film projects are just like big book deals; they act as part of a payola network to ignorant mouthpieces and shills touting Keynesian or Statist propaganda. Remember Gingrich's deal with Fox or Clinton's 5 pound doorstop, and the bulk book selling scams setup to bolster sales numbers. The mainstream media and retail establishment has become one big network selling lies or half truths. So many people profit by it too but the truth only has you or me.

  4. The film cost less than $2 million to make. It's advertised as the film that cost millions to make (due to the crisis) - that wasn't the cost of the film.

  5. I LOVED it and clapped at the end as did the whole theater. Yes, I wanted to hear an interview of someone who at least has some INTELLIGENT opinion about laissez faire. Ron Paul would have been quite good. Nonetheless, I thought it was RIGHT on the money (pardon the pun) trying to explain and narrow down that which is MOST gargantuan is difficult.

    This is a MESS of Herculean proportions and he is right about one thing: The bastards who ran the scheme, knew about it, and are laughing all the way to the bank with their stinking bonuses of the people's money is 100% absolutely correct.

    Just look out your window to a downtown area near you. It is FILLED with empty buildings and run down infrastructure and foreclosed houses all over the place. One cannot help but ask WHAT WENT WRONG!! See the documentary to find out despite it having a particular slant. A slant CAN be correct -- MSNBC commentary is left slanted but deals with FACTS. Fox News deals with, half truths, fabrications and down right lies. Truth is truth and lies are lies and Damon knows the difference.

    FABULOUS documentary!