Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Animated Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen, the co-star in the original Wall Street movie had a tough night last night. Here's an animated play-by-play.

According to NyPo:
The mystery woman who locked herself naked in a Plaza hotel bathroom during bad-boy actor Charlie Sheen’s coke-fueled frenzy was identified as a smokin’ hot porn star from New York City...,Erotic actress Capri Anderson ..

The 22-year-old Anderson...angrily denied the assertion by law-enforcement sources that she’s a hooker.

Anderson "is adamant she’s NOT a working girl," reported TMZ.
People who know these things tell me that Sheen's monthly American Express bill is regularly one of the largest the company processes. We're talking six figures--every month.

His modus operandi with women when he is in Beverly Hills is to invite more than one to his place, after the first one shows up he locks his gate and door, and the others end up locked out.

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