Monday, October 18, 2010

Brits Buying Treasury Bonds?

Are the Brits the latest to go mad? Or are they fronting?

There was a surge in foreign buying of Treasury securities. To be specific a $128.7 net overseas inflow into long-term securities in August.  Given continued strength in the bond market, inflows for September and possibly October are also possible. Foreign accounts were also solid buyers of corporate bonds, at a net $10 billion, and of equities, at a net $4.8 billion.

UK accounts show the biggest increase in Treasury holdings, up nearly $75 billion to $448.4 billion. Treasury holdings in mainland China jumped more than $20 billion to $868.4 billion for the largest total since April. Japanese were also buyers, raising their Treasury holdings by more than $15 billion to $836.6 billion.
Buying long term Treasury securities at this point is not exactly a genius move, given the likelihood of major inflation down the road.


  1. Historically, China has bought and sold through UK.

  2. @Bob English

    You are probably correct that it is the Chinese. It also may tie in with their liquidation of Japanese securities.