Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Chicago Fed Has an "Inflation Exhibit"

The Chicago Federal Reserve has announced that it now has an "inflation exhibit" at its Money Museum.

If they told the truth about inflation, they would, of course, have to admit that the Fed is responsible for it, which I doubt they do. Does an arsonist have a museum he opens up to the public that contains the matches and gasoline cans he uses?

So I am really wondering who they blame inflation on. Guesses anyone?


  1. Thanks for mentioning the new exihibit. Hope you'll come in to check out the exhibit in person the next time you're out our way and let us know via our Twitter feed or visitor feedback card what you thought.

  2. LOL Oh that is too funny.

    My guess.... the "common people".

  3. The Devil caused this inflation. But I'm here to fix it.