Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hillary Supporters Want to Take Down Rahm Emanuel

This should be a good show. reports:
Last night, at Sidetrack, I ran into a guy named Max who was a good friend of mine from the Clinton campaign days. He’s someone who actually moved here to Chicago to work on the campaign and got to see much more of HRC and President Clinton themselves than I ever did. Max is a political animal and works one campaign after another — currently he’s working for one of the unannounced challengers for the Chicago Mayor’s race, and is going to help take Rahm Emanuel down.

Max, like me, used to be a Democrat. He, like me, was a dyed-in-the-wool, loyal party guy.

But, what the Obama campaign did to Hillary Clinton and her supporters — all the false accusations of racism, the voter fraud, the intimidation, the national media becoming an arm of the campaign — so disgusted him that he, in his words, said “f*** those people”.

Max sees the Democrat Party as a Leftist/Communist Party now and says he will do whatever he can to destroy it.

This is interesting to me because I haven’t talked to Max in a year and a half, and because he actually makes his living in politics, and has only worked Democrat politics, I assumed he’d return to the fold and keep his mouth shut just to keep food on the table.

“I still work for Demcorats,” he explained, “but no one who’s on the list”.

“What list?,” I asked him, already guessing.

“Those f***ers who stabbed Hillary in the back, like Jan Schakowsky, Rahm Emanuel, Claire McCaskill, all those f***ers. Almost everyone I know from the HRC days are working to destroy all of these people. They’re going to be primaried in 2012 if they survive this upcoming election. They are all going down. People no longer write checks to the party. People want payback for what they did in 2008. It was a big mistake to put Obama in there and do what they did to HRC and us. F*** them”.

Max is black, and gay, so it’s always fun to hear him rail against Obama. He and I worked the Wisconsin primary together, in what was a doomed and frustrating effort. We were on the ground there the day Michelle Antoinette made her famous “I’m proud of my country for the first time in my adult life” remarks. Max was even more revolted by that than I was.

Here’s what I learned from Max last night:

* Almost all of the HRC 2008 staffers he knows are, like him, working against people like Jan Schakowsky, Rahm Emanuel, and others because they are on “The List”…this is a list, that really exists, and is circulated amongst Clinton supporters, of all the people who wronged HRC in 2008. The list includes people like Claire McCaskill (who is targeted for defeat in 2012), Emanuel (who HRC supporters are going to prevent from becoming Mayor), Schakowsky (who HRC supporters are working against for her re-election…where she has the slimmest lead EVER in her political career), John Lewis (who called the Clintons racists and is now in the fight of his life in Georgia), and others.


  1. Rahm's got an interesting background. I don't think his loyalties lie to the democratic party though. In fact, I am not sure where his loyalties lie.

  2. While the soap opera and Jerry Springer nature of this petty garbage is entertaining, these people are still an evil and horrific bunch of fools.

    To me, this is like Godzilla vs King Kong. Whoever wins, we all lose. Both sides are monsters, ready destroy the human race any way they can via their self-righteous, controlling natures.

    The Tea Party vs the RepubliCON party establishment is just another version of this. Think of it like Dracula vs the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

    Bottom line is that although there are varying degrees of stupidity and harmfulness, ALL these people are bad, no matter what their affiliation.

  3. HRC is a power-hungry idiot. If my spouse did what WJC did-I'd divorce the clown. She didn't and that shows she doesn't have the judgment to control nuclear bombs.

  4. Government is the very distilled essence of conflict at its most basic level. It is the largest gang in the land of thieves, highwaymen, and pirates to gather under the same flag. It is no surprise that it inspires such bitter blood rivalries, alongside manufacturing controversies over "gay marriage", "free speech on public property" and "immiment domain" - none of which it should have anything to do with whatsoever.

    Indeed when you get right down to it, it's hard to tell WHAT government SHOULD have to do with our lives. Considering where it came from - the largest gang in the land to claim dominance over some imaginary lines drawn in the sand - the answer just might be "government should have nothing to do with our lives at all".

  5. Oh, God, this sounds like a classic fag-fight, replete with screeching, hair-pulling, and biting.

    Do these infantile morons have any idea how ridiculous they sound?

  6. Just HOW did all four comments happen to come from people with their heads screwed on right? Statistically impossible unless LRC is the only place this article was published.
    John Boanerges Redman

  7. What about Israel and AIPAC? Do they support the Israeli James Bond, Rahm Emmanuel? OK, he's James Bond without the height, looks, accent, or social skills, but you get the idea. Or do AIPAC and Israel go with Hillary Clinton? Can they control her? "Lesbian" is not exactly the blackmail threat it used to be and hardly a surprise.

  8. Socialist Jan Schakowsky faced no challengers in the 2010 Illinois primary. I would love to see her ousted, but saying "They’re going to be primaried in 2012 if they survive this upcoming election" seems like an idle threat. Let's see some action to back up the anger.

  9. William Jefferson ObamaOctober 19, 2010 at 11:30 AM

    Anonymous 2:46 says it best. Hilary stayed with Bill through public embarrassment, just for the power it brought her. Someone this selfish, unfeeling and completely void of pride, honor, or a sense of justice has no business in no position of national prominence. Throughout the election I heard these exact sentiments from many people, none of whom copped to hearing it from Rohm Emmanuel. So like all Liberals, Hillary and her followers' anger is nothing but self loathing. Don't get me wrong, Obama and Emmanuel are my two least favorite people in the world. But as I see it Hilary's just as much of a "dirty f*****", ON TOP OF being a sore loser at her own dirty game.

    Hillary has attained more than she has ever deserved. Yet rather than saying "thanks America", she instead is on a mission to destroy someone she perceives as preventing her from being given more still. These are the people we vote for. When does it end?

  10. It is hilarious to read about some political operative waxing indignant about how poor Hilary was treated. The Clintons are among the most evil political thugs operating since the Borgia clan.

    Kill 'em all, let god sort them out.

  11. "But, what the Obama campaign did to Hillary Clinton and her supporters — all the false accusations of racism, the voter fraud, the intimidation, the national media becoming an arm of the campaign — so disgusted him that he, in his words, said “f*** those people”.

    Max sees the Democrat Party as a Leftist/Communist Party now and says he will do whatever he can to destroy it."

    And all of this was torn straight from the old Clinton playbook. The Democrats didn't just suddenly BECOME a "Leftist/Communist Party" in the autumn of 2008. Nothing has changed with the way the MSM has treated their favored Democrat candidates with kid gloves, except this time the Clinton people found themselves on the outside looking in.

    The Clintonistas simply found out how the other half lives, that's all. They don't like the machine they built being turned against them.

  12. This entire article is nothing more than pure, unadulterated idiocy.

  13. It would be deliciously amusing to witness a significant implosion of Marxism anywhere, but especially so in the United States. Sadly, whatever cadre of commie kooks are repudiated, others will arise to take their places. Even more sad is the appalling ignorance of rank and file democrat voters to how Socialism of any sort is always Totalitarian. Happily though, George Riseman at has provided a recorded lecture that credibly makes a case that lefties should listen too if even only to not find themselves arguing against a strawman.

  14. Because some of the Democratic leaders decided that Hillary was next in line for the presidency, it's "back stabing" to work for someone else and get them elected?

  15. Nothing has changed. So what - we are supposed to "fire" Obama & "hire" Hillary? They are both Marxists. And yes, 95% of Republicans are traitors too, or are being blackmailed by the Illuminati to vote for un-American legislation.

  16. Max sees the Democrat Party as a leftist/communist Party, but he wants to help Hillary Clinton. This just goes to show how clueless Democrat strategists, and Democrats in general are about the very people they support. The party is indeed radical and full of Marxists that support communist ideals, however, Hillary Clinton is the epitome of that description. She is no less socialist or communist in her ideology than Rham Emanuel or the rest of them for that matter. They are all Marxists.

  17. Give them each a dead fish and put them in a boxing ring and let the go at it.. God help us, these people are crooks.

  18. I would love to get rid of all of them!

  19. Bill Clinton himself has admitted in the past that there's little chance he would ever have become President, if it hadn't been for the skilled and tireless efforts of Rahm Emanuel. Clearly this is merely one of the latest in an endless procession of infantile and pointless feuds by the Clintons against someone who is more gifted than they are. Adding Rahm's name to this "list" seems like some sort of childish payback for the fact that Emanuel realized the Clinton operation was a sinking ship, and decided to bail in favor of Obama in '08. Seriously, how old is Hillary Clinton, 14?

  20. If Obama wins the midterms forget CLinton in 2012. He already picked Biden for 2012, slamming Hilary. Bring our democratic values back to the party and stop corporate greed! Stand with us and send a message to Obama by staying home and not voting. It might be Hillary's only chance. Stop the corporate greed! Pass it on.