Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jamie Dimon on His Relationship with Obama: "We were neither in love nor have we fallen out."

From a Fortune Q & A:
FORTUNE:A lot of ink has been spilled on your supposed love affair and subsequent falling-out with Obama. What's the reality?

DIMON: We were neither in love nor have we fallen out. I still talk to the folks in the administration. I don't agree with everything they have done. I don't disagree with everything they've done. He may have close relations, but I am not one of them.
WTF? Is this spat the equivalent of Putin showing the Russian people his living room?Or has Obama moved on to other banking elite?


  1. And what was the deal with that Motel 6 looking glass tube tv in the background at Putin's. Previously, I'd thought the Canadian PM's house at 24 Poutine Place was a bit ordinary...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTSedKy1tFs&feature=related

  2. On JP Morgan's International Council:

    Henry Kissinger
    George P. Shultz
    Carla Hills

    Three of the five U.S. reps are in Geithner's meeting on Chinese economic relations.

    Jamie has the bases covered, well beyond the U.S. President (especially one taking orders on where to stand from the Secret Service).