Wednesday, October 20, 2010

KaChing is Now WealthFront

I was on hand yesterday at NASDAQ Headquarters in Times Square, New York City as Dan Carroll, Co-Founder of KaChing (as of yesterday called WealthFont) rang the closing bell. I'm the good looking guy in the pic. Most of the others are hedge fund managers that are using WealthFront's platform to provide access for small investors to their investment trading skills, which are normally limited to high net worth individuals.

I know Dan Carroll from when WealthFront, as KaChing, first launched. Dan's concept I think is truly original and ultimately you will see most money managers with a presence on WealthFront. You can learn more about WealthFront here.

At the reception following the closing bell, I had the opportunity to talk to some of the money managers/hedge fund managers that are already on WealthFront's platform. It was an impressive group. These guys do their homework and know what Bernanke has in store for us on the inflation front. I even spotted one money manager with a Mises Institute tie on. (He was a bit surprised when I recognized it, instantly.)

I was most impressed with the conversations I had with Derek Pilecki  at Gator Capital Management, Eric Linser at Green Valley Wealth Advisors and Scott Peters at Tradewinds Investment Management. Very smart guys.

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