Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kelly Evans and The Gold Hater Need to Read EPJ More Carefully

WSJ reporter Kelly Evans retweets:

TheStalwart [The Gold Hater] Like I said, don't show your kids. And don't show @ wenzeleconomics! RT @terranovajoe: gold is down $33

On Sept 22, I wrote:

I expect gold and silver to be much more volatile as the strong price activity will attract many more short-term traders that will be in and out of the metal on a moments notice
I wrote on Sept 27:

The long term prospects for gold are very bullish. (However, gold buyers must be cautious of short-term pullbacks and be prepared to hold through such downdrafts.)

In the Oct 15, EPJ Daily Alert, I wrote:
Gold and silver obviously have to be at the core of your portfolio, at
least 25% of your money should be there. There will be short term
pullbacks, but you just have to grin and bear them. It is much to
dangerous not to be positioned strongly in these metals.
Kids, if you don't understand that pullbacks occur after huge runs like gold has had, especially since the Fed hasn't started with QE2, yet, you may need to go back to covering and watching paint dry. That'll stay in one place for you.


  1. Hey Kelly,
    I'm glad gold is down. Let it go down another 100 bucks. I'll buy more.

  2. Did Treasury Tim's talk of a strong dollar have anything to do with this price drop ?

  3. WSJ & Business Insider have reporters that can't read or comprehend. The bar falls further...

  4. I like how the Stalwart is silent however as gold runs up to 1387. What a brave man.