Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lucy Was a Red

Private detective and blogger Paul Huebl files a report on Lucille Ball:
She was already in her 40’s when she began her, I Love Lucy series. Her first husband Desi Arnez was seven years her junior.

This famous TV pioneer couple made entertainment history beginning with the three camera shoot of their series. With three cameras, scenes could be shot and edited together saving countless hours of setups and retakes.

Together they formed Desilou Productions and that led to many thousands of hours of programming that is still seen and enjoyed today all over the world...

Not that long ago I had to do some business with Kelsey Grammar’s production company, Gramnet which was at the time located in the Lucille Ball Bungalow at Paramount Studios in Hollywood...

When doing a little research for this story I learned that Ball actually joined the Communist Party and registered to vote that way in her earlier days. Ball’s politics were as red as her hair.

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