Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mankiw Slam Dunks Ritholz (and Yale)

Harvard economist Greg Mankiw writes:
Addendum: Some blogger named Barry Ritholtz poses a bunch of questions for me, which I won't bother taking the time to answer. Unless, of course,[sic] he offers to incentivize me sufficiently. For free, however, I will answer one of them: "You teach at Harvard and live in 'Taxachusetts.' If state taxes are so important, have you considered teaching at Yale, and living in much lower state tax land of Connecticut?"

First of all, the top state income tax rate is higher in Connecticut than it is in Massachusetts.

Second, Yale? Are you serious? Yale


  1. A lot of people might be shocked by this, but a "progressive" income tax is barred by the state constitution here in Mass.

  2. Why are you ripping on Barry Ritholtz for? I wanted to add this blog to swarm the banks dot com, but, I guess I'll have to punish you by not adding you.

  3. More respones to Mankiw