Sunday, October 31, 2010

Murphy in Training for the Big Murphy-Krugman Debate

Economist Robert Murphy has challenged Paul Krugman to debate on the topic of Austrian economics. Krugman has said many nasty things about Austrians. On behalf of all Austrian economists and students, Murphy is challenging Krugman to a debate, to shut Krugman up once and for all. Read here for the clever way Murphy plans to shame Krugman into debating.

Below is a clip of Murphy in training for the debate.


  1. That's rad, but not he's really not going to debate Bob.

  2. Babyface Murphy might not get the debate, but Hoffman didn't get into the Chicago DNC, either. Upon reflection, maybe that's not the best example.

  3. Taylor, if you intended the double negative, then I agree with you.

  4. BobM,

    That's why they call you the Champ!