Friday, October 22, 2010

Netanyahu's American Donor Prospect List Leaks

Israeli Prime Minister  Benjamin Netanyahu's list of potential donors, which was prepared ahead of the 2007 primary elections, was published Friday by the Yedioth Ahronoth daily, reports Ynetnews.

One of the documents, which includes comments in Netanyahu's handwriting, provides a peek into his fundraising industry in the United States. The then-opposition leader erased from the list people he believed would not give him money for the Likud primary elections. He divided the others into four categories according to whether contacting them is "worth the effort."

The first group, according to Ynetnews, includes the foreigners worthwhile of contacting, and only one name – of a person who does not donate to the Right – was erased by Netanyahu. The numbers 3 and 4 were marked next to the names of millionaires with a small chance of donating.

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  1. Apparently they haven't yet discovered "the shredder" in Israel. If they're interested in importing a few units of this startling technology, my best recommendation is to get in touch with the MBS departments at Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, etc. where they have been shredding documents for years. They're quite savvy at this point, I bet Netanyahu could learn a lot.