Friday, October 8, 2010

Secret SEC Meeting with Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan


A secret meeting apparently took place on Wednesday at the Willard Hotel, between the SEC and top elite banking insiders. Here's what Politico reports:
Top Wall Street CEOs were in D.C. yesterday to meet privately with top regulators at the Willard hotel. Much of the discussion centered on Dodd-Frank implementation. The meeting was closed to press, but our spies say chief executives including Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase and Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs expressed relief that they at least now know what the new rules of the road are going to be (even if they don’t always agree with them).
So in a secret meeting, Blankfein and Dimon get briefed on the new "rules of the road." WTF?

What about the rest of the business and financial world? J.P. Freire at the Washington Examiner tried to learn about the meeting from the SEC:
Yesterday, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) met with top brass at Goldman Sachs at the Willard Hotel to discuss implementation of the Dodd-Frank financial reform. So what happened? We wish we could tell you. When The Examiner called the SEC to ask for comment or for any notes from the meeting, they said that they would not comment and could neither confirm nor deny a meeting with Goldman. “But we know it happened,” I told the press officer. “No comment.”

This secret meeting by the SEC with Blankfein and Dimon, one block from the Treasury and the White House, has to be one of the most outrageous examples of elite plotting to be disclosed since Jekyll Island meetings. The SEC, Goldman and JP Morgan need to immediately disclose who was at the meeting and what was discussed.



  1. whats outrageous is that you seem outraged! EPJ knows better.

    isn't this happening in full public view for long time?. They know what fed.policy is next ahead-of-time, the rates etc, SEC has been their lapdog, their lobbyists actually write the laws - not "law makers". They literally have the printing machines, they just let FED/treasury (who worship them) do the job.

    Wall.St Elites are the modern day "high priests" of all humans. They direct human knowledge and their earnings/livelihood. All humans work their ass off, pay taxes(fin.elites also do just like priests of yore participate in the scheme), and deposit-earnings/loan->debt->slave for "financial companies" (modern day temples of power).

    They are thought of like essential engine for modern humanity - just like kings of yore used to think of high-priests. The .gov encourages or looks-other-way when .gov agencies "support"/"lend-a-hand" to the "essential engines of economy", who give themselves $$$ millions bonus, charge "fees" to move money around. The "bonus" and "fees" are offerings that all humanity dutifully accepts.

    And there are no-hope-human-zealots like krugman & other keynesians that keep the pyramid-scheme going.

    Only solution is nothing short of renaissance-equivalent of human-awareness of Austrian economics - so hopefully one day keynesian-ism will look like superstitions of yore.

    Until then, you either join the caste of high-priests or you are a slave. No other castes available. Maybe lawyer, atleast u can screw somebody if not everybody at once.

  2. On October 5, 2010, Japan took the ultimate action. In a unilateral action, it went nuclear in the currency war that started September 15, 2010, when it intervened in the currency markets and sold Yen. In a unanimous vote, the Bank of Japan’s nine-member policy setting board set its interest rate at zero, that is, it established a Zero Interest Rate Policy, ZIRP, in an attempt to stop the rise in its currency and to appease political dissent that has risen over Japan's ongoing deflation.

    You wrote in the EconomicPolicy Journal that the Bank of Japan announced that it may buy J-Reits and J-ETFs as well, in an attempt to appease Japanese politicians who relate they have had enough of deflation.

    And Shaun Richards related: “In addition it stated that it would look at establishing a temporary 5-trillion-yen ($60 billion) fund to purchase various financial assets such as government securities, commercial paper and corporate bonds in an attempt to stimulate the economy by lowering longer-term interest rates or what are more commonly called asset purchases or Quantitative Easing. The central bank will offer another 30 trillion yen ($359 billion) through its loan program.”

    It is quite a stunning thing when a central bank goes to zero; it has simply decided to print money at will. Furthermore, the central bank of Japan, has in effect become the unitary, and sole provider of capital and money in Japan crowding out all bank lending. It has integrated banking and government into a state corporate combine; and it has effected a bloodless coup, establishing state corporatism, that is state corporate rule over the people of Japan.

    The bank of Japan became Financial Regulator and Seignior, that is Credit Boss, overseeing money, lending, credit, banking and, investment in Japan.

    The currency traders and the central Bank of Japan, have “scorched the investment skies” and have taken the “global currency war”, to an all new level, with the result being the US Dollar, $USD, went down in flames. The Yen Dollar ETF, JYN, like the Yen, FXY, rose.

    And gold, $GOLD, became ever more, the sovereign currency and storehouse of investment wealth.

    On October 5, 2010 a whole new chapter in investment history was written; we are living in an age like no other.”

    In retrospect, it was the Dodd Frank legislation that established a Financial Regulator, that being the Treasury Secretary.

    From your article, I conclude that in the US, through an October 6, 2010, secret meeting of bankers, investment bankers and SEC officials, an elite group of stakeholders has arisen to serve as a “banking, lending, credit, and investment Regulatory Council”, supporting the Financial Regulator in overseeing the US economy.

    In the near future, in recognition of currency and financial crisis, other nations, and regions, where economic governance has been established, such as the Eurozone, and the ASEAN trading region, will do likewise and announce publicaly, or decide in secret meetings, to establish a Financial Regulator, that is a Seignior, to oversee money, lending, credit, banking and, investment.

    It is reasonable to believe that in the future, a global Sovereign, and a global Seignior, will arise to govern the world and manage credit worldwide; this to fulfill the call of Timothy Geither for unified regulation of banking globally, as related in James Politi and Gillian Tett Financial Times article NY Fed Chief In Push For Global Bank Framework.

  3. Government caters to the elite. I heard a speaker state James A. Baker, III told her he sent his staff to the CIA in Washington to check out a group that asked him to speak.

    I bet that makes it hard for the same CIA to check out Baker's international business dealings.